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Families in Action helps parents raise middle school aged children grades 6-8 and is designed to increase protective factors that prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug use, risky sexual behavior and violence. This program is offered in both English and Spanish and is conducted in 2 hours classes per week for 6 weeks.


Active Parenting for Teens uses videos, group discussions, role plays and high energy activities for teens. It is based on the application of Adlerian parenting theory, which is defined by mutual respect among family members within an authoritatively run family.


The program teaches parents how to raise a teen by using encouragement, building self-esteem, and creating a relationship with the child based upon active listening, effective communication, and problem solving. It also teaches parents to use natural and logical consequences and other positive discipline skills to reduce irresponsible and unacceptable behaviors. Teens are taught about the negative social and physical effects of substance use, they learn general life skills and social resistance skills, and they are provided opportunities to practice these skills.


The Parent’s Guide contains all the information covered in Active Parenting giving parents information and skills they will be learning. It also includes additional reading material, practice activities, and homework assignments that provide information and opportunities to practice using the skills.