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Posted on: May 2nd 2018

Good Afternoon!

Hope you are well!  I just wanted to remind you that we are planning the Candle Light Vigil May 12th, Mother’s Day Eve.  We are looking for family or friends who would like to say something about loved ones lost to the opioid addiction crisis.  We are planning a very low-key reflective vigil at 7pm at Good Ground Park, 9A Squiretown Road in Hampton Bays.  There will be soft music from a guitarist, violinist, flute and a sax.  The musicians will play between speakers.  Speakers can take a few minutes to talk about their loved one, or read a poem or a prayer in their honor.  We will have more than 400 candles on stage to represent the more than 400 who died from opioids in Suffolk County in 2017 including the 19 in the Town of Southampton.  Participants in the audience will receive hand held candles as well.  Attendees can bring pictures of their loved ones.  This is intended to be a very reflective moment on Mother’s Day Eve, to support the moms who lost loved ones to this epidemic.  Please help us spread the word and reach out to anyone you know affected and ask them to call me to save a space on the speakers list.  They don’t have to speak alone, they can bring other family members or friends and take the stage together.  This is intended to be a very supportive atmosphere and serve as an outlet for their grief. 


Best regards!


Connie Conway

Director of Communications

Supervisor's Office

Town of Southampton


Resources: SouthamptonTownNy.gov