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We understand how important it is to support a spouse or significant other during the addiction recovery process. The support of a parent, spouse or significant other is crucial to this recovery process. However, there comes a time when the spouse or the significant other needs to have a foundation of support as well. In the Family Member/ Significant Other program a spouse or a significant other of the substance abuser can receive counseling and assistance to deal with the situation at hand. The substance abuser need not be receiving services at Alternatives for a significant other to be in the program.


Often times the spouse or significant other has been subject to many challenges. This program allows the family member or significant other to speak their mind freely and gather information. The program is designed to walk the spouse through a similar recovery program in the same way as the addict themselves. The recovery process is about uniting families and friends together and developing a deeper bond between those that already share a close relationship.


The Program includes:


  • Comprehensive Assessment and Individualized Program Plan

  • Individual Counseling

  • Impact of Substance Abuse on Family Group

  • Recovery Skill Building Group

  • Family Counseling

  • Parenting Skill Building