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Watching a loved one engage in self-destructive and harmful behaviors is hard to do. You probably know all too well that problems resulting from addiction affect many areas of life, from family dynamics to health and financial stability. Alternatives is here to help. Whether your loved one needs an evaluation, educational services or outpatient counseling, we are here to help. We will help to identify the skills, education and therapies necessary for them to gain control of their lives.


Let us help your loved one set and achieve goals to get his/her life back on track.

You are not alone. There are an estimated 25 million Americans who experience drug and alcohol-related problems. Whether you need a substance abuse evaluation, referral to residential treatment, outpatient counseling, sober living or recovery supports, Alternatives offers a treatment plan that will put you on the road to living a life of sobriety.


You have already taken the first step. Contact us, so we can help get your life back on track.


Discovering that your child has a drug or alcohol problem is difficult but you have taken the right step in helping your child get the help they need. You and your teen don’t have to struggle with addiction alone. Alternatives has a variety of treatment services available to meet your teen’s needs. Whether your teen needs an evaluation, referral to residential treatment or outpatient counseling, we are here to help. Alternatives will work with your child and your family to provide valuable skills, education and therapies that will help get them back on track.


You have already taken the first step in getting help for your teen’s drug or alcohol use. Contact us so we can help get your teen and your family's life back on track.