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Alternatives Counseling Services is a NYS OASAS licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment program with experienced staff that can guide you through the requirements of the NYS Drinking Driver Program, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, The Suffolk County Court system, the Suffolk County Department of Probation, the NYS Department of Parole, and Child Protective Services for a successful resolution of your difficulties.


The DWI/DUAI program is a standardized educational treatment program for DWI/DUI/DUAI arrests.  The program encourages responsible decision-making by providing accurate information and helping clients to make changes in their high risk behaviors.


This program assists participants in exploring topics such as:


  • The NYS laws related to DUI/DWI              

  • Learning from your DWI Experience            

  • Alcohol, Drugs, Driving & You

  • Signs & Symptoms of a problem with substances

  • Feelings & Behaviors that can trigger the use of substances

  • The Creation of a Personal Change Plan

  • Initiating real Change versus focus on consequences