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The Wellbriety Program consists of curriculum based weekly groups. The youth groups are age appropriate and provide a character building framework that teaches youth to learn the value of traditions, and culture as a means of preventing unhealthy behaviors and improving opportunities to live healthy sober lives. Complementing the weekly curriculum, each program includes a language component consisting of Algonquian word instruction, a natural environment component consisting of aquaculture and agriculture. The community service component includes the construction and maintenance of a longhouse, and a physical fitness component consists of track and field, ball games, and traditional Native American games.


Whenever possible our prevention programs build in opportunities for adults to explore and maintain drug and alcohol free lifestyles. As such we have established several opportunities within our prevention program to support adults. Incorporated into the Wellbriety Program is the Men of Tradition and Women of Tradition component which meets separately and are culturally appropriate programs for Native American women and men to address issues related to the effects of substance use within their lives and the life of the community.