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Target audience:


Middle School and High School Students, Youth Groups

The WhyTry Program is a strength-based approach to helping youth overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas of truancy, behavior, and academics. It is based on sound, empirical principles, including Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Social and Emotional Intelligence, and multi-sensory learning.

The idea is straight-forward:


Teach social and emotional principles to youth in a way they can understand and remember. This is accomplished using a series of ten pictures (visual analogies). Each visual teaches a discrete principle, such as resisting peer-pressure, obeying laws and rules, and that decisions have consequences. The visual components are then reinforced by music and physical activities.

This simple idea has reduced truancy, improved academics, and changed the climate of schools throughout the US. A recent analysis showed that it tripled the graduation rate of at-risk students in one district.